Tier-III Data Center

Infonet - History of Success

Infonet is one of the leading telecom-providers in Estonia. The scope of our services includes broadband Internet access, TV and web hosting. The company was founded in 1993. We are a financially stable and transparent company with an unchallenged reputation.

Due to the lack of quality platforms for IT equipment in Estonia we decided that a new data centre in Tallinn is a timely and logical solution. Our daughter company, Infonet DC OÜ, was established in 2013 to facilitate better control for data centres. The Infonet DC data centre contains 512 server racks with an overall dedicated power of 4 megawatt.
The Infonet DC data centre will be of interest to Western as well as Russian companies which require secure data storage, access to overseas markets, and reduction of administrative and technological risks to their business. An additional advantage is that service is provided in both English and Russian, with an individual approach to our customers.

Infonet is not only a high tech brand, but also a successful professional  and children's soccer club, FCI Tallinn (FC Infonet Tallinn), which has won  soccer cups since 2000. In 2016 FCI Tallinn won all three major soccer  cups: Champion of Estonia, Cup of Estonia, Supercup.


Since 2017 a new project, FCI Levadia Tallinn, was launched in cooperation with FC Levadia which is a nine-time winner of Estonian Championship and repeat holder of Estonian Cups. Teams in the Primier and First leagues now  operate under the united name FCI LEVADIA. in 2017/18 the  Estonian Cup and Supercup have already been won.

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